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April 15, 2022

Do you need to get Salesforce certified to start your Salesforce career?

Do you need to get Salesforce certified to start your Salesforce career?
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IIn this episode of The TechTual Talk Podcast I am joined by the lovely Kim Barnes aka lipstickandtech. We discuss everything from her undergrad experience, transitioning from helpdesk to Salesforce, how to get the right certifications, being a black woman in tech, and more. If you enjoy this episode, please subscribe to the podcast and leave a review.

 0:00 Start 8:20 Kim talks about how she talks about her undergrad experience 26:00 Kim Talks about how she positioned herself for that change 35:00 Kim details the work she put in for a year to land her role 44:00 We discuss companies implementing new softwares 53:00 Kim talks about being feminine at work  

Kim's Information:  LipstickAndTech.com or @lipstickandtech on all socials  

Store: https://www.store.lipstickandtech.com/   

Free Resources: 

 Breaking Into the Salesforce Ecosystem: A Guide: https://lipstickandtech.com/breaking-into-the-salesforce-ecosystem-a-guide/

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