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March 9, 2022

Get the Bag in Health Information Technology with EHR Systems

Get the Bag in Health Information Technology with EHR Systems
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Kevan is an EHR Analyst with over 10yrs experience in Healthcare IT and wants people to join this realm of HealthTech. So I started HinfoTech Consulting to provide assistance with entering the Healthcare IT Community. She realized no one talks enough about Healthcare IT and she wants to change that.

00:00:00 Start & Intro 00:11:44 Why is EHR the worlds best kept secret 00:25:28 How is it going through implementations 00:31:20 How to get training on the 4 EHR Systems 00:39:43 Average Entry-Level Salary for EHR Analyst 00:53:55 Twitter TechSpace

Her IG: https://www.instagram.com/ehranalystbae/

HinfoTech website: https://www.hinfotechconsulting.com/ Join the Patreon:

Grab my ebook: https://techualconsulting.com/digitalproducts

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