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Sept. 27, 2021

How to not forget the OSI Model

How to not forget the OSI Model
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in this episode,  @IamLise  and I  talk about how to never forget the OSI model along withn many other things related to networking   00:00:00 start 00:02:20 Lise talks about what got her into networking  00:05:43  entry-level networking skills 00:15:00 Lise talks about her experience working for a FANGAM company  00:22:10 Lise explains who are her top 3  networking vendors 00:29:00 Lise is pivoting into Network Security  00:33:46 Lise talks about her YouTube journey  00:41:00 black tech Twitter beefs

her youtube:IamLise

Check me out right here at solo.to/techtualconsulting 

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