Feb. 2, 2022

How to stay relevant in Tech for 30 years

How to stay relevant in Tech for 30 years

In this episode we talk about how to sustain a 30 year tech career with our guest Professor Black Ops. I hope you enjoy this conversation and make sure you subscribe to our channels if you like the information being given out.   @ProfessorBlackOps - CyberSecurity for the people   has been in the IT game for 30+ years, his first intern was in 1988 working on a mainframe.  He has done almost everything in it. He worked 11 years for the Department of Defense. He currently is going on his 10th year at a large state agency as a consultant. He's been consulting for 25 yrs. His last 15 years has been in Cyber security and he specializes in Federal Cyber security...

.  00:00:00 Start and Intro 00:21:00 We support a business 00:28:40 People who got left in the past in tech 00:38:00 Professor black ops gives his opinion on Job hopping 00:49:00 cloud Computing   

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