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May 7, 2022

Learn THIS before getting into Cybersecurity with John Breth

Learn THIS before getting into Cybersecurity with John Breth
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In today's episode of The Techtual Talk I am joined by John Breth (@CyberInsight)  We discussed a lot of different things including the military, what should you learn before getting into cybersecurity, networking vs cybersecurity, starting a business and much more.  

 0:00 Intro 

09:00 How the military played a huge part in John's Career 

18:00 Why you should network to progress your career? 

31:00 What made John start his own tech company 

46:49 Stop the Cap on Twitter Segment 

57:17 look into vendor training at work 

John Breth is Founder/Managing Principal of J.B.C (http://jbcsec.com) and is an experienced architect and author with 19 years’ experience helping the nation’s federal agencies, defense and intelligence agencies, and critical infrastructure companies identify, implement, and protect against cyber threats. John has designed and implemented mission critical systems to support a Tier 1 ISP’s cyber protections for the federal government, numerous DoD joint networks, and Air Force One’s secure network. John has earned multiple high-level certifications from (ISC)², Cisco, and CompTIA (and others), as well as having earned a Master of Science (MS) with a focus on Information Technology from Johns Hopkins University. He also enjoys creating tech content for new folks  in the industry with a specific focus on networking, cybersecurity, and cloud technologies. 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JBizzle703

YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/cyberinsight

Blog: https://jbcsec.com/insights 

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