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Feb. 10, 2023

MICROSOFT Tech Recruiter GIVES TIPS to Standout on LinkedIn

MICROSOFT Tech Recruiter GIVES TIPS to Standout on LinkedIn

Get ahead of the competition and make a lasting impression on potential employers with tips from a Microsoft tech recruiter. Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and stand out to tech recruiters in this must-watch video. With practical advice and insider knowledge, you'll be one step closer to landing your dream tech job. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to make your LinkedIn profile work for you #microsoft #linkedin #tech

Meet Kristi Kennebrew, a Technical Talent Sourcer at Microsoft and creator of the social media job search platform @GetMeHiredKristi. With two years at Microsoft, Kristi supports the Engineering Talent Acquisition team and is dedicated to finding the best engineering talent and guiding them through a unique interview process while promoting diversity and inclusion. As a LinkedIn content creator, she inspires and motivates job seekers looking to transition careers. Kristi also leads the Dallas chapter of Blacks at Microsoft Talent Acquisition Committee, working to bring more diverse talent to the city and promote Microsoft Texas.

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