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Dec. 1, 2022

The Truth about IT Helpdesk and Cybersecurity

The Truth about IT Helpdesk and Cybersecurity
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Welcome back to another episode of The TechTual Talk.  This episode will focus on the truth about IT helpdesk and its correlation with cybersecurity. Nigel joins the show today to talk about his early career, transitioning from helpdesk to Cyber Threat Intelligence/vulnerability management in 10 months,  A Day in the Life of a cyber threat intelligence analyst, salary expectations and much more.
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Until 2021 Nigel worked as an IT consultant, and gained skills in risk management/mitigation strategies and network administration. It’s through these experiences he learned about cybersecurity, and recognized that this was a career path he was passionate about. Though  he's worked hard to develop his cybersecurity skills,  Nigel recognize that his time spent as an IT consultant will always provide him with a beneficial perspective in the Cybersecurity world. He intends to carry this with him and share this combination of technical skills into my next role. During Nigel's  time at Fullstack Academy’s Cybersecurity bootcamp,  he gained experience as a Cybersecurity Analyst and was successful in developing strong networking skills and an understanding of the OSI model, network protocols, and ports. Learning the fundamentals of general security practices, NIST standards, and information security management has provided him with the foundation of technical skills he's certain will aid him in this role. After successfully completing his courses with Fullstack Academy’ he continued his studies through a variety of online simulations. He earned the security plus and one month later acquired his  first security position as a security analyst II in threat intelligence and vulnerability management.

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0:00 Intro
23:30 How to determine your Cybersecurity path
33:00 What is Cyber Threat Intelligence and Vulnerability Management
51:44 Nigel Tripled his salary by leaving helpdesk and getting into Cybersecurity

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