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How to be a Successful Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst | The Techtual Talk Ep. 44

What's going on everyone!! In this episode of The Techtual Talk, Shamika aka the bougieblerd joins the show to talk about the NBA finals, her tech background, finances, and what it's like being cyber threat intelligence analyst.

Shamika was born & raised in Oakland, CA. Shamika has worked in tech/finance for almost 10 years but about 4 years in cybersecurity. She took a pretty non traditional path into tech. She doesn't have a college degree, and she doesn't code. Shamika is currently a cyber threat intelligence analyst working at Twilio, a company that provides programmable communications APIs.

Shamika says, "I've only been in threat intelligence for about 6 months, but I really love this domain. Cyber criminals are hilarious, and I enjoy tracking current and emerging threats."

0:00 Start & Intro
06:00 Shamika's background
21:00 What is Cyber Threat Intelligence
28:23 Keep your Job options open
40:31 These BIG companies dont know what they doing
46:00 Your friends dont respect free game

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