How to be a SUCCESSFUl PRODUCT MANAGER in TECH | The TechTual Talk ep 61

Welcome to episode 61! of The TechTual Talk Podcast

Today Courtney walker is joining the show, currently a product manager at home depot. We talk about the differences between program, project,and product manager, how essential communication skills are for product management, and why product management is important.

Courtney Walker lives in DC and is a Product Manager at Home Depot working in enterprise payments. She holds a CSM and CSPO Certifications and transitioned to Tech from Higher-Education 3 years ago through a very non-traditional route.
#productmanagement #tech #productmanager

Time stamps:

5:46 Courtney's Early career
16:06 Difference between Project and Product Management
20:13 Courtney talks that PCI Talk
28:53 Product Management Salary Expectations
41:52 Favorite Books

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