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How to start a Cloud Career w/ @Maya Alexus | The Techtual Talk Podcast ep 33

In this episode of the techtual talk, we discuss how to start a cloud career with @Maya Alexus Maya's major in college, her internships, cloud concepts and cloud engineering, and much more

00:00:00 Start & Intro
00:10:25 She discusses college
00:18:00 We discuss her internship with Toyota
00:28:00 What does a cloud engineer do & Misconceptions she had about the cloud
00:31:50 How to become a cloud engineer & how to be successful at it
00:38:45 Maya talks about being a young black woman at her company
00:46:11 What Made Maya want to start a youtube channel

Her youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/MayaAlexus

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