Nov. 27, 2022

What does a Cybersecurity Product Manager do at Amazon?

What does a Cybersecurity Product Manager do at Amazon?

Welcome Back to The TechTual Talk Podcast! Joining us today is the lovely Breenae Washington , she is a Cybersecurity  Product Manager , an author, and an influencer! She mixes in our culture while also letting black women know they belong in this space. We will discuss Breenae's childhood, college experience, early career, and pivoting into cybersecurity! If you enjoyed this episode please share it out. #cybersecurity #productmanagement #blackwomen 

Breenae Bio: Breenae is an engineer with a passion for diversity and inclusion. Growing up, she excelled at math and science but often questioned her abilities because she didn’t see other girls who shared her interests. Despite the lack of representation, with the support of her family and teachers, she found the strength to take the road less traveled. After receiving her degree from the Missouri University of Science and Technology and starting a career in IT, she quickly noticed that the lack of diversity in STEM/STEAM was still a serious issue. This fueled her desire to make a difference. Today, her mission is to bridge the gender and diversity gap in STEM/STEAM through early exposure and education.

00:00 Intro
12:00 Breenae Talks about her Undergrad Experience
27:00 The typical day of a cybersecurity product manager 
46:57 Advice for black women pursuing careers in Tech
01:00:00  What is an entry-level cybersecurity product manager salary
01:13:00 Lets talk about Afrotech

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