May 7, 2021

What is an ISSO?

What is an ISSO?

In this episode I talk with Miranda from about her CyberSecurity career, her business, college, and much more. If you like the video, hit the like button and share the video!  

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  • 00:00:00 Start
  • 00:03:04 About Miranda 
  • 00:06:21 How she became an ISSO
  • 00:10:49 Why Miranda Started MBS Tech
  • 00:19:28 3 Black Musketeers
  • 00:25:20 Hiring Black Women 
  • 00:32:00 How I help my clients realize their skills 
  • 00:36:11 jobs find you after you have experience 
  • 00:37:00 Tips for a successful LinkedIn profile

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