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June 1, 2022

Dont't Call me a Tech Influencer with Davin Jackson

Dont't Call me a Tech Influencer with Davin Jackson
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In this episode we have  @Alpha Cyber Security  join us to talk about different topics related to the Tech Industry. 

Davin Jackson is a Father, Husband and Veteran. Professionally, he is a Senior Application Security Engineer, Penetration Tester, and Contributor at Alpha Cyber Security. He is also the host of his own weekly live podcast, "InfoSec Unplugged" where he interviews several people in the industry. Davin has over fifteen years of overall IT and Cyber Security experience and holds several certifications. However, he plans to continue learning like someone who is new to the field! Davin's goal is to share his experience to help teach and mentor people looking to start or further their careers. He also wants to help families secure their homes and devices as well as teach the youth about the dangers of the internet. When he isn't working or researching, Davin likes to spend time with his family, travel and occasionally play video games

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