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May 21, 2021

Breach Please !?

Breach Please !?
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 In this episode Rachael Marks, CEO of CYCO joins us and we discuss her career journey, path to tech, being a ceo, etc. If you enjoyed this talk make sure you hit that like button and share this out to the world.  

You can follow Rachael on Instagram here: ⬇️ 


00:00:00 intro 00:03:53  Rachael Childhood 00:08:26 Her Experience getting a cybersecurity degree 00:11:14 Racheal’s Internship Experience 00:15:00  Communication and soft skills are imperative 00:18:32 Her first CyberSEcurity role with Equifax 00:24:00 Security incident at work 00:28:00 Being an IT Coordinator 00:32:00 What is CyCo

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